Monday, 24 February 2014

The rise and fall of the crochet rockstar....

So when I decided to focus on crochet due to knitting being a no no and finding fab ergonomically shaped handles for my gammy hands.

Anyway I was relearning as I had only ever managed a flower before lol.

So I went on Youtube found a fab video which made it clear so I could watch with no sound....
So when I went into the local shop to get some wool I spotted a book  Amigurumi Monsters, I HAD to have it, after all it brings me one step closer to crocheting my Husband a Cthulhu.

Anyway I was on a roll rocking that crochet hook like a bad ass and it didn't take overly long before my monsters parts were ready for sewing. Took me a bit longer to get round to stuffing and sewing, I did lose an arm, I suspected behind the husbands radiator but no it wasn't though he found it and then dropped it... Down the back of the radiator, WHOOPS!

So I had sewed it up, bar the missing arm and started on my next project when I looked at the notation, which was american, then it hit me WAIT single crochet is our double crochet, I'VE DONE THE WHOLE THING WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So my Amigurumi Monster which should of been crochet in double crochet was in fact crochet completely in trebles...

So here he is

Only twice the size he should be.

You can find the actual pattern in 
Crochet Bakemono [Monsters!]
Lan-Anh Bui  & Josephine Wan


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