Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday Spot - 'Lees Portraits' and 'Upcycled & Alcoholic'

Sundays is the day that I am going to cast my net out and feature a fellow crafter in my *DRAMATIC TA-DA-DAA-DAAAAAAAAAAAAA* Sunday Spot.

Today for my first Sunday Spot we will be looking at Lee Allan of Lees Portraits and Upcycled & Alcoholic

Available on her Facebook page 'Upcycled & Alcoholic'
Lee's hand decorated wine glasses are a fantastic example of her work.
You can order your own from her facebook page 
Upcycled & Alcoholic
                                                                  Lee Allan

Give us a short description of yourself:
Mum of 3 who lives in Scotland. 35 years old and a disabled artist who loves to be creative!

If you could describe yourself using just 3 words what would they be?
Determined, loving, creative

Tell us about your craft/Business;
I have a portrait page & a new recycling business making glasses, lamps and candles from alcohol bottles.

How did you get started?
Been drawing since I was a child. Selling commissions took off a few years ago. Especially when I became disabled and cut my hours at work. 
Threat of losing my job has created my second page and I'm hoping it does well!

Describe your style using just 3 words:
Realistic, dramatic and bold

Any other hobbies? 
Watching films, cooking, cake decorating & 'pinning' on Pinterest, and chatting on facebook.

Is there anything you want to try your hands at but not done so yet?
Fabric work and upcycling furniture

Do you follow any blogs/pages? 
Louisa Bone, lots of art pages on Instagram

Recommend any other crafters?
So many good artists out there!

Any last words? 
Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Finally where can we find you?
On Facebook 'Lees Portraits' and 'Upcycled & Alcoholic'
and my website can be found here

All that leaves now is for me to say a big Thank you to Lee Allen for the taking the time to answer my questions.

Don't forget you can find Lee's Portraits and Upcycled & Alcoholic pages on Facebook


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