Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sewing my Stash and a Sew Along

Apologies for a long silence, I have been very poorly one thing after another and getting words to screen was NOT happening. But voilĂ  here I am still ill but less so then I was.

And let the blogging commence...

So I have a fabric stash, this I doubt would surprise any other crafter of any kind, we ALL have stashes for what ever craft we do, its like a law isn't it.

So I decided I was going to sew my stash as it drives my husband mad.
Then I decided I was going to not only sew my stash but use more of my paper patterns I have, I don't use them often as they scare me, so fragile and I like to trace them rather then cut, I have 3 kids, 3 different sizes it's a necessity to trace.

And THEN I saw a local sewing co-op opening and it said about workshops etc. and I realised, I only do what I always do I either free hand everything or I use basic printed patterns from Pinterest or magazines.

I am very comfortable with what I do but I don't do a lot of variation so I decide... I am going to also be attempting to learn a new skill for every pattern I use.

So it's a pattern using, stash sewing, skill learning fest going on.

What I am really wanting to is invite you all to join me in this, you don't need to sew your stash and you won't even need to buy the same patterns as I have.
All you need to do is complete some kind of item using the featured technique. You don't need to even need to do something conventional with it, if you know the technique already you can really go wild and out of the box with it if you want to.

I will post the technique, how to do it and also if possible how to take it further/make it more advanced. I will if I have any ideas give some ideas on how to use them outside of the box.

To take part you all you need to do is get any bits required, ie. A zip if its something to do with zips.

If you have a blog I have a button to place on your blog, also if you reply on here with your blog title I will add it to the list of blogs taking part.

When you have finished your item of the week then you just put either a link to the image in your blog or website or post an image and short explanation of what you have made in the comments of the post on here with the technique in.

Happy sewing please share this around as many people taking part the better and remember this is for even beginners.


Don't forget to leave a comment! Especially if there is a technique which you would like featured just let me know below.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Did ya miss me?

So the last week has been crazy and I don't mean your basic being a mum kinda crazy, I like to think I have adapted to that kind of crazy, I mean the kind of no time to pee non stop stress filled kind of crazy.

I've had no time to blog, craft and limited time for even the necessities like Facebook.
Though I'm hoping that next week will be a lot less hectic, so I am planning on getting a lot more crafting done.

I've got 2 on the go projects at the moment 1 is a secret crochet project secret due to the disaster of my last project, in which I confused English Double Crochet with American Double Crochet, my monster was rather gappy. So if this one looks nothing like it is meant to I shall pretend that's what it is meant to be.
Clever eh! 
The second is new whilst reading one of my craft mags I saw it and I had to do it, mainly as I've a thing for cats, even though it meant new kit. So the stuff came and I started and it's not fab, the magazine made it look easier then it is.
So my felt cats not rounded or looking like a cat, John said make it into a fox,  we will see when he is finished. 
The poor guy is camera shy at the moment, I will see if I can tempt him out later with some kitty treats or what ever a fox's eat.

On the subject of magazines, I have this terrible habit of collecting the cover free projects and never doing them, so I am going through using them up right now. I've dragged out four of them, three wee bits and a bag decorating one, so slotting them in too. I have almost finished my 'Mug cosy' which will be a 'Can cosy', mainly as I like my coffee quite cool thanks to my twitchy hands, hot coffee is a burn risk. With summer coming a nice cold can of fizzy, will be nice but the cold can hurts my hands so will use my 'Can cosy'.

See who knew I had a logical brain in there?

So that's my week planned out, though I hope for some books to arrive for something big which is happening in October...


Oh yes you read right, I will be starting a degree, BA (hons) History with the Open University yay!

To celebrate I am hoping to feature some amazing historical seamstresses and/or tailors so watch this space!

Also trying to work on a sew-a-long idea,if anyone has any ideas then please, please, please let me know via the comments below.

Don't forget to leave a comment!