Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Inspiration for all!

Ever have that creative itch but nothings getting those inspired juices flowing? Every crafter has those what to do moments.
I know them only too well myself. It's that time that I hit Pintrest to find something only well I'm a huge Pintrest addict so then by the time I draw myself away there's no time to make anything 'doh.

Well if you're anything like me Faye of Unravel & Unwind has a solution for you 
On her page Unravel & Unwind she will be running a new challenge the Creative Creatures Project where each participant draws a rough picture of a creature and shares it on the wall of her Facebook page, this effectively signs you up. 

Then she at random gives each participant one of these pictures at random and the challenge is to recreate this creature in which ever crafty format they feel comfortable with.

When asked how she got the inspiration to run the challenge Faye told me she originally saw it on Ravelry posted by Uncommon Crochet group. 'I thought it was a brilliant way to get people interacting with the Craft Cafe, when they are not physically able to get to us.' 

I have to say I certainly agree with Faye on that one, I find there is a certain fun in taking part of a group especially when you know its all over the country. 

Faye is currently working on her group Unravel & Unwind  'My vision, I believe works towards improving the mental well-being of the local population by providing a happy and cosy place where participants are able to relax, unwind, socialise, communicate and most of all to feel a sense of worth and achievement. Breaking down the barriers within the community by providing workshops and interactive sessions that are affordable, educational and fun.' 

'To keep Unravel & Unwind moving through 2014 and into 2015 we anticipate providing a retail service, workshops, coffee mornings & afternoons, studio space rental and commission stands/spaces (with a percentage of sales coming back to Unravel & Unwind). In addition, myself and Mark will continue to expand our own knowledge & skills by participating in workshops and researching activities that we can then feed back to the community.'

They are running their first Knitting for beginners course next month and anyone in the Cuxton area in Kent and you wanted to learn how to knit, this would be a fantastic course to get you one your way, they even provide the materials. 

I'm currently working on my challenge picture, which drawing is NOT a strong point of mine and I am really looking forward to getting my project picture in return.


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