Thursday, 3 April 2014

I love sewing but...

I love sewing but being a mummy of a Brownie ( or Girl Scout for American followers) can really push you sometimes. 

It's not that I dislike sewing on my kids patches, in fact once your done that sense of pride that your kids earnt that badge and now she can wear it and everyone can see what she achieved.

But as I am sewing tags into her clothes for pack holiday which she leaves for in days my machine has a hissy fit the bobbin casing does something.
Something which hours of seemingly repetitive in outing suddenly fixes, even though I didn't do anything different to the first time, I then in my over stressed state put the needle, which I have to change because it broke during the bobbin fiasco, in backwards and by the time I've figured that out its time for bed, my bad back is now in spasm and I've still loads to sew...
It can almost make me loose the will to sew...

I wonder what almost makes you loose the will to sew?

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